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It seems that Mr Hatoyama is living in company housing.

I wrote down the address for you.

I don't like golf that much.

You never seem to have anything to do.

What games do you have?

Nature is changing.

She won the beauty contest.


Denmark has introduced the world's first fat tax.


Who is this man?

You bit the hand that fed you.

They have seen better days.

The atomic number for hydrogen is 1.

Choose the color you like the best.


I'm not ashamed of what I did.


Prejudice is an opinion without judgement.


Can you make it so she can get on that TV program?

Brad denied that.

He is everything to her.

I think he has two sons.

Old has a great sense of humor.


Thank you for being so supportive.

Y'know we're short of money to have fun and ... Well to be blunt, gimme!

I persuaded him that he was wrong.

I'd like to have a few minutes alone with Tracy.

I wanna see your expression.

Come on, I'll buy you dinner.

I feel so bad for the baritone saxes, who often have 200 measures of nothing but whole notes.

Ping loves to drink tea from the cup that Pat gave him.

I didn't know what was going on.


David is under a lot of stress.

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Pravin will be out of town next week.

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It was only yesterday that John told me about his plan to go to Europe.

An inexperienced stock speculator could easily let his business go to pot and lose his entire fortune.

Do not disturb, I'm studying languages!

Michel is an obsessive collector.

That's too simple.

I dream about you quite often.

I often feel extremely exhausted.

Omar often helps Bob with her homework.

I spent months trying to convince the journalist to feature us.

They'll be very happy together.

Kirk has had a cold since last weekend.

Take me somewhere.

Nara is a very old city.

Ernst isn't as tall as I am.

I have an interest in cello and piano.


There are no words to describe it.


You can put this car to use as you like.


Fill this bottle with water.

The temperature is above average this winter.

She realized her ambition to become a great scientist.


In my family, the one who gets up earliest is my mother.

I've made that same mistake myself.

I hope you learn.

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The scientist explained the strange phenomena in the light of recent scientific knowledge.

You caught me.

I want them beaten up.

That's a painter.

Are you free tonight?

The finest words in the world are only vain sounds, if you cannot comprehend them.

Would you come with us?

My husband and I are calling it quits.

Don't you think I'm right?

I'll take my father's place.

I found her pictures in your drawer.

Francis wondered if Kari would remember to buy bread on the way home from work.

Learning a musical instrument trains the mind.

I hope it goes OK.

Should I watch my diet?

What good is that?

I was persuaded to stop smoking.

Why are you walking with a limp?

I wish that Butler would give me another chance.

That was Jeannie's cousin.

He presents his arguments with great skill.

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The union and the company have come to terms on a new contract.

Hsi will turn thirty on October twentieth.

I'll return immediately.

I was surprised that Old didn't win.

We're disorganized.

What do you think the weather looks like?

Much has changed in Boston since then.


Obviously, the server load will increase as a result.

She defended herself.

On the whole they had really good luck.


Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.


This is technically impossible.

You can't be young.

Work makes everything possible.

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Is there anyone left alive?


Knapper headed upstairs.


There were no surprises.

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We'll see what we can figure out.


Tiny particles in the air can cause cancer.

I'm calling because my credit card has been stolen.

Give me a head of cabbage.

I'm not as nervous as I used to be.

I don't know how Pamela got my phone number.

He is digging his own grave.

Come over.

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Whoever doesn't know a foreign language doesn't know their own.


If that's not true about you, it's not true about me.

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I have to change the batteries in the radio.

It's very complicated.

Please leave this room.

It just felt different.

In this secret code, each number stands for a letter of the alphabet.

Bicycles are greener than cars.

He has never hurt anyone.

I feel happy and at peace with myself.

Today, I don't feel like doing anything.


Tim stopped smiling.

Why don't you like her?

He's one of the sweetest guys I've ever met.


I can see Hugh, but he can't see me.

Times are not always the same, the grass is not always green.

It's dangerous to jump off a moving train.

Gideon ran down the hall.

The committee would like me to have someone to whom I can direct questions or go to for guidance about the city and its resources; I believe, therefore, that you would be a very good match.

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He took second place.


Read through the article.

He was raised by his grandmother.

Ssi is pretty skinny, isn't he?

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His parents were pleased with his success.


Elaine looked as if he was sick.

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I asked him if I could read them.

With a voice wielding power of the ancient Nord art.

My oldest brother attended the meeting on behalf of our father.

She as well as her friends is fond of music.

I've never heard Chris complain before.

He stared at me with a blank expression.

He showed a lot of enthusiasm for the development of new products.

Avoid smoking excessively.

You're a good student.

We'll need to wait a couple of hours.

Call us toll-free at 1-800-446-2581.

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Saiid looked very busy.

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The surgery was yesterday.

You cannot put the entire blame on me!

It can't be done.

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I always work alone. I'm just not a team player.

Sriram was very talented.

He hates singing in public because his songs are kind of bad.

I think you've been talking about me behind my back.

We're the problem.

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It was quite funny.

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Revised is not famous.


I think that would be awesome.

I can't understand a word you're saying.

Where did you learn them?

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Many of my friends preferred to study German instead of Spanish.

Hamilton waited a long time for Lynnette, but she never showed up.

This is a bad time for me to talk.


Andrew has three cows.

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What are the other men doing?

Someone is going to see you.

We need a password to get in.